Tim’s Brazilian Birthday Feast

Tim's birthday Brazilian feast So, many of you know that Tim has been really getting into this cooking thing lately, especially regional cooking (Cajun, Italian, and now Brazilian). So for his birthday he wanted to share his newfound love of the art with his friends, and we had an all-day Brazilian feast.

Flickr kind of loads these photos however it wants, so I’m afraid they’re not in time order.

1. Fried bananas
2. Yucca sticks & pepper/nut dip – the red & green bell pepper and Brazil nut dip was soooooooo good!
3. Bill and Linda (so glad to see Tim’s parents! They are lovely, genuine and good, and seeing them is always a joy.)
4. Jenn & JJ
5. Fried yucca sticks – more like… wedges, really, than sticks. And covered with sugar and a bit of salt? OM NOM NOM.
6. Linda & Barbara (I love seeing far-flung family together!)
7. Oh, delicious (Clockwise from upper right we have rice, crab mac&cheese (about all my still-rebelling stomach could handle that day), sauteed onions with collard greens, and (I probably won’t spell this right) fejoiuda.)
8. Sharon and Becca
9. group shot (I have many photos of the same people in the same room throughout the years, and it warms my heart.)
10. More food simmering on the stove – seriously, we had so much food we had to have a rematch a few days later, gave everyone leftovers both times, and *still* have food in the fridge!
11. Aunt Gay helping to cut fruit – much thanks to Aunt Gay and Sharon T. for their help in cutting all the mango and kiwi!
12. Group shot – it was also great to see Amy and Isaac, whom we hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving.
13. That sonic screwdriver came in handy! – After Tim got the first part of the coconut off, I couldn’t watch – he was hacking at it with a knife and I was sure he was going to lose a finger.
14. Snacks, Brazilian style – I could eat these little cheesy biscuits every day!

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