Fun with Tiltshift (new camera update)

Fun with tilt-shift

Why yes; yes, I am enjoying the tilt-shift setting.

I’m still playing around with the new camera. I was right, it does eat batteries. But it only takes two, not four, so I think the lesson is just to be prepared, carry extra batteries, and always know where your charger is.

The zoom thing really confused me. It has a fabulous zoom – you can be less than half an inch away from the object. But here’s why it took me so long to figure out – the last few cameras I’ve had, you stand wherever you’re going to stand and adjust the zoom from there; with this camera, you tell it you want to zoom and it tells you where to stand. You can get close or pull back, but it adjusts automatically once it’s decided how far or close you’re standing. You can adjust how far or close from the object it thinks you are, but that took me the longest time to figure out – it’s not intuitive at all and I even had to break out the manual. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Later today I’ll play with the zoom (instead of the tiltshift, heh) and share some more photos in the next day or so.

One disappointment – I thought it had a panorama setting, like the old camera. It doesn’t. It has a “widescreen” setting, and I suppose I could line up two or three widescreen photos and mash them together in Photoshop or something; but it doesn’t have an automagic panorama like the other one. Not that I used it *all the time* but I did like it when the opportunity was there.

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