The new camera is here! The new camera is here!

Four effects with the new camera

Initial results are happy! I can see this thing is going to to eat batteries – it only takes two where my old one took four. Fortunately they’re the same type of battery and that means twice as many rechargeables. So it should even out ultimately. I can keep a shit-ton of photos on it, so I’m not worried about being at Disney and have having to buy a new card (not that THAT’S ever happened). I love the zoom, but may need to read the manual to get help with the automagic focus which, doesn’t, really. I think I will love the zoom. If I can get it to work.

For the most part is has many of the same properties as my other Canon, the Powershot A630 that’s been developing issues. So I feel pretty comfortable with it straight out of the box, and am looking forward to learning all the new features with this one.

Here are four of the “fun” or “play” settings –

1. Miniature puppy – TILTSHIFT SETTING FOR THE WIN! Y’all may get tired of tilt-shift photos.
2. Poster puppy – I don’t think I “get” the poster setting. I may have to RTFM and see what it’s supposed to do/mean.
3. The wide blue sky – so pretty! so wide!
4. Fish-eye kitteh – far too creepy for me to use often. Or ever.

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