This Week in HaldeCraft

I started the first-after-vacation/first-of-the-year week off with a great start (I think); uploading ten new things and renewing five others.

This week in HaldeCraft

Clicking the photo above will take you to bigger photos on Flickr; the links below will take you to their Etsy pages:

1. Lavender Cattail & Dragonfly soap
2. Basil Cattail & Dragonfly soap
3. Frog and turtle wall hanging
4. Lost in the Woods scented Sheridan leaf soap
5. Lost in the Woods Grooved Bar soap
6. Lost in the Woods Celestial Moon soap
7. Soap dish and tumbler set
8. Fire truck Monkey Fart soap
9. All Mixed Up Fire truck soap
10. Nature woman wall hanging
11. Frankincense & Myrrh Exfoliating Soap
12. Bear Ashtray (also marked this down to $23)
13. Pair of owls (also marked this down to $18)
14. Gingersnap soap
15. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey soap


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