Merchanter’s Luck

Merchanter's Luck (Company Wars, #4) (Alliance-Union Universe)Merchanter’s Luck (Company Wars, #4) by C.J. Cherryh

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OK, so I am *totally* reading this series out of order of them being written, but that truly doesn’t seem to matter. Cherryh makes them all so easy to get into, and each one of them is a reasonably self-contained story, that it makes no difference.

So far of the three I’ve read in this universe, I’ve liked this one the best. The bit about Sandor’s older brother recording everything he should ever need to know, in case Ross was killed… wow. That really got to me. Very good stuff. Emotional without being overly maudlin.

This was a quick read – I think I blew threw it in about four nights, but it wasn’t mindless fluff. The science, as always, was well thought-out, and the characters complex. Even characters who weren’t featured for more than a few lines made me want to know more about them. And while it would be helpful to have read Downbelow Station previously, you would certainly be able to understand everything in the book without it.

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  1. Most people love Cherryh, but I have a hard time getting into her books. I read this one several years back, found it entertaining enough but nothing special — course I had not read “Downbelow Station,” which probably didn’t help.

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