Downbelow Station

Downbelow Station (Company Wars, #3) (Alliance-Union Universe)Downbelow Station (Company Wars, #3) by C.J. Cherryh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While none of the characters in this book are particularly sympathetic, they were very well-written and layered (which I have come to expect from Cherryh). Since many people before me have already written reviews of this book, I’ll just mention two of my impressions –

– I didn’t get a sense of sympathy from the Stationers for the influx of refugees, which was actually kind of refreshing and honest. Most people don’t like it when hungry, needy people show up at the doorstep; it was realistic that the people already on-station would not care too much for the influx of people using their resources and not giving anything back.

– Maybe it was just because I would read this at night when I was tired, but it took about half the book for me to realize that The Fleet and The Merchanters were two different groups of people who wanted different things. The temperament of both sets of characters was so similar that I kept getting them confused.

Overall I very much liked this book, even though I didn’t feel deeply one way or the other about most of the characters, and that’s rare for me (to like a book without liking the characters). It was well-written, and as I’d already read a later one in the series and enjoyed that (40,000 in Gehenna), I’m looking forward to reading more in that series.

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