365,000 words

Well, not really. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, and I took 365 pictures in 2010… that would be 365,000 words. However, I missed a few days, and a couple of the photos are crap, so…

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157623001161543″]

I looked through these earlier today. Had some giggles, had some sadness. And counted some numbers. Sometimes some of these numbers cross-reference each other (for example, some photos contain both knitting and alcoholic beverages) so it looks like more than 360 photos if you add up all the numbers..

23 photos contain either my friends or family; 13 photos are of my friend’s kids.

38 photos contain food and/or non-alcoholic beverages; 26 other photos contain alcohol. Of the places I eat or drink the most… 12 photos are at Sweet Dreams; 5 photos are at Chopstix; 4 photos are at the Starbucks where I knit with friends once or twice a week.

Speaking of knitting, 47 photos have either knitting, spinning, or yarn dyeing. 18 photos were taken at Hanks (and 3 photos were taken at Wild Iris, where the spinners now meet).

Other things about work include 30 photos of ceramics, 19 photos of soap, and 3 photos of my office (although there are about 4 or 5 more where photos were taken *in* my office, you just can’t really tell).

Other photos taken at home include 86 photos of my pets – note to self: maybe not so many pet pictures next year. It seems as if I am lacking something else to photograph, I have six willing and cute subjects lying about the house.

I took 20 self-portraits, not counting 3 photos of my shoes; and eight really amusing self-portrait photos are of stuff in front of my face.

And lastly, 67 of my photos were of nature; either around my yard or things I see when out walking the dog.

I wonder what I’ll take pictures of next year…?


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