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    • nakhira

      So sorry, should I sign my disruntlements?
      And if it please you to note, you can pick *which* half gets to fall of the face of the earth … I may be Grumpy McSnarlypants, but I try to allow choices.

      • You know how on Ravelry, there are buttons on every post? Like agree/disagree/interesting/etc? I have someone who disagrees with everything I say. I had one that ended about a year ago, who had been disagreeing with everything I said for about eight months. I tend to stay away from voicing my opinion on The Rav, so mostly this troll was disagreeing with 100% true things like “we just got new yarn in the store, here is a photo” or “I just finished knitting this thing, here is a photo” and it was getting … well, annoying, to say the least. It finally stopped, but then started up again about six months ago and is still going on. Sigh.

        • nakhira

          You actually have to feel just a teensy bit sorry for the petty people who have *absolutely NOTHING better* to do than troll random folk.

          And then completely ignore them. *pthbpthpbt*

          I’m with you on this matter – I don’t post anything unless I know the company. (Even if only by reputation – hello, class!)

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