Five TV shows I’m enjoying the heck out of right now.

In no particular order….

The Walking Dead – I love, love, love the heck out of this show. I haven’t read all the graphic novels; just a couple of them and that was a few years ago… so I don’t really remember too much of what happened. Like “28 Days Later”, the main theme (other than escaping zombies) seems to be man’s inhumanity to man! I spent the first episode thinking “I like that guy and feel sorry for him, beyond the zombies. What else has he been in?” – turns out he was the guy with unrequited love in “Love, Actually.” I hear it’s been upped for a second season – rock!

Luther – This show is so dark, I love it! Any police drama that starts off with the detective allowing the perp to plunge to his death has got me right there. But when it just gets worse from there? I do love me a complicated, dark, unhappy and realistic crime drama. It’s only a six-episode miniseries, and I really do hope there’s going to be more after that. It may be close to ranking up to, or even edging out, some of my most favroite and the most dark episodes of “Homicide: Life on the Street,” and long-time readers know how much I loved that show.

Sons of Anarchy – I am getting a little tired of the Jax baby storyline, but I grok that they had to do that to get them to Ireland for the season; and I’m really liking the rest of the Ireland storyline! In sort of a continuing theme with what I like, you sort of never know who’s going to live and who’s going to die in this show. It really keeps you on your toes.  There have been a couple of good surprises this season (who’d ever  have thought that Tara’s boss would turn out to be like that?! And I like Chibs more this season than last.). I’m starting to worry, though (and this might be the tiredness that I have for the Jax baby story); but I’m worried that they’re running out of good stories and another two season might see them jumping the shark. I hope not, though.

Boardwalk Empire – Similar to a lot of what I liked about “The Sopranos” in that I enjoy a complicated character who is not necessarily flat and evil, but is maybe a good person at heart who has made bad choices, or a bad person who still does good things as a means to an end. I’ve always liked Steve Buscemi in everything I’ve seen him in, but have primarily seen him in things where he’s not the lead – so I’m loving seeing him carry the show. He can do more with a raised eyebrow than a lot of actors can do with a Shakespearian soliloquy.

Terriers – Every time I watch this, I think “these guys lives could not possibly get any more fucked u— oh, wow. That’s fucked up!”. If the best way to enchant someone with a character is to make him or her likable, and then strand him in a tree and throw rocks at him, these two guys are the most enchanting characters ever.

There are a few other TV shows that we’re watching (although Tim watches neither “The Walking Dead” – I KNOW! – or “Sons of Anarchy”) but they’re mostly silly shows. CSI and CSI:NY. Criminal Minds. House. Hawaii 5-O. Bones. Fringe (and I so, so very much want the Fauxlivia storyline to be a horrible horrible dream). But the above five are definitely my favorites right now.


  1. Finn

    I’m with you on SOA. I hope they can keep things going in the future; I only just discovered it last season.

    As for BE, I think it’s good but it depresses me for some reason. I do love Steve Buscemi though. And I keep watching!

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