The FBI asks for their tracker back, after a student find the GPS located they were tracking him with. Er?

I do love me some dark harsh reality, which is why I throughly enjoyed this article on a Detroit ER Trauma surgeon. I could read a whole book on that.

I don’t think, in reality, that I could have coffee here; it would be hard for me to step on even the pictures of books, and my neck would be bent sideways trying to read the titles.

Hee! The Oatmeal sometimes stares directly into my soul. If you do this in an email, I hate you.

The funniest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen: Banksy does The Simpsons intro.

Here’s one for Sharon: in 1936, a 16 year old Dutch girl goes to a shooting gallery; every time she hits the target it instigates a photo. With the exception of during WWII, she goes again almost every year, and it chronicles her life.

An interesting juxtopostion. The next ten years are going to be horrible; the next ten years are going to be wonderful.

HAH! Oh, Regretsy. You never fail me – Seize the dictionary.

Oh, great… now I’ll never get rid of that Paradise City earworm.

Here’s one for Alana (and my other hoarding-interested friends): Nine quick tips to identify clutter. Helpful!

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