Hey, knittas!

I keep forgetting to mention (probably because there are still a few things I haven’t ever even added into Ravelry that I need to photograph just so I can get rid of them) but I am destashing some yarns and a few fibers (the fibers are not posted yet).

Caveat – I have been pretty ruthless with my destashing in order to fit my stash into a specific number of boxes, and have added some gift yarns in the pile. Please don’t be offended if you’re the one who gave me the gift yarns, and if you did and you’d like them back of course I will give them to you freely (you don’t have to buy them again off of me, that would be crasser than crass).

Here’s the list; I’ve tried to price everything with both local and shipping included pricing, and there’s more to come, eventually, when I get around to photographing the stuff I’ve never even added. Sigh.

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