Everything about this photo is awesome

Me and mom

Awesome car we’re sitting on, awesome pink school bus, awesome poncho, awesome mommy.


  1. Alice

    Ahhh haha haha haha – what memories…
    I have a copy of this, had it on display in my office before I retired. One of the maintenance men saw it – later mentioned to someone else – oh, hey, you mean that hippie woman – when referring to me – and what a really odd co-incidence – he had lived at one time in that same general neighborhood in Balto – oh, hahaha – were we really ever that young? Do you remember the time we were going somewhere in that car and it caught fire and I grabbed you and we escaped but it really wasn’t a big problem??? Did you know Aunt Nellie gave me the money to buy that car and said I could pay her back ‘when my ship came in” and I wasn’t sure what that meant? And that I sold it to the guy in the alley and he never ever gave Joyce and Dave the payments he promised me and I got all sorts of parking tickets from the Balto police because it was still in my name.? Ahh, oh what memories….

        • Alice

          Yes, and I painted each and every bit of the woodwork on those little windows, inside and out. Got quite skilled at neat stokes, if I do say so myself. Masking tape just wasn’t working so I went freehand.
          It looks like the railing around the upper porch is gone so maybe this was a picture you took when you went back that time and the strange people who lived there gave you the light switch cover??? I also painted that railing several times…
          And Jane Jain will remember how I screened the side porch, quick and easy method with staples into the wood columns.
          And we gave up this house to live in a school bus? What were we thinking???????
          Also, ahah, the door to the Pickled Brain Room, later showing up in a story as the Triple Drain Room. Details for another time…
          Somewhere on my Flickr is the fire in the ‘mirror image’ side view of the house next door. Creepy time to see the mirror image of our house going up in smoke.

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