Did I mention I had a birthday?

We had a small group of people – and please don’t feel put out if you weren’t invited; it’s not that I don’t totally love you, but there’s just only so many places to sit and since we were doing a dinner rather than our usual all-day party, we felt we had to limit the number of people to match the number of chairs we could find. ANYWAY. We had a small group of people over for dinner for my birthday. Tim cooked a massive Italian feast (seriously – we had leftovers for about a week) and somehow I suck MIGHTILY because not only were most of my photos totally dark, but I didn’t even get any photos of the food. WHOOPS. You can see the photos I did take, here.

Oh, probably the funniest part of the night? Mariana showing up, WITH ARNE! He had driven down from Chattanooga – not just for my birthday, but that happened to coincide with a bunch of other things he wanted to do in Gainesville that week. I wish Emma could have come with him, but someone had to stay home and watch over the kitties. It was great to see everyone – thanks for coming! I know it’s belated of me to say so, but I really had a great time (and a lot of great food to eat, sweetie!).

It seems hard to believe I’m 41. When my dad was 41, he had a 13-year-old daughter. I can’t imagine having a daughter of any age, let alone one who was 13 and already giving me shit. When my dad was 41, he was having trouble with his food allergies, but didn’t yet know what they were – he thought it was heart trouble because of the general area of the body from which the pain was coming from. I have very similar food allergies, but know what they are, and as such have drastically changed my way of eating. When my dad was 41, he only had 20  years left to live, not that he knew it. I don’t know how much time I have (“you get what everyone gets; you get a lifetime”) but I try to live it as if it’s a combination of having all the time in the world, and trying to cram as much joy as I can into every day just in case.

But really, I’m having trouble believing I’m 41. I feel like I totally skipped over 40, last year was such a blur of not-so-much-fun. There are years that ask questions, and years that answer. What will this year bring?


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