Etsy Holiday Boot Camp: Weeks Five and Six

OK, I don’t know WHAT I was doing last week, but I think I must have been abducted by aliens. Because really. I didn’t do anything for week five? I read it the day it came out! Why did I not do anything? Sigh.

No, wait; I do know where the time went. I spent all of Monday and Tuesday rearranging and cleaning my office – which is a blog post in and of itself!

So… Assignments Week Five

Read the 7 Lessonscheck! I’m having trouble with finding a mantra, though. Mostly my mantra is something like “don’t punch that idiot in the face, don’t punch that idiot in the face”, heh. Which I SUPPOSE is a good business mantra, but it’s a bit on the negative and angry side. I’d rather be feeling like unicorns constantly poop rainbows and cupcakes in my living room. OH WAIT THEY DO. ;p

Read Etsy’s Guide to Photographycheck! Although reading it made me think that while my camera can do a lot of fabulous things… I may need a new one soon. This one is getting pretty scuffed up.

Shoot Photos of your new work – check! I still haven’t retaken a couple of old photos, I think mostly because I’ve already wrapped the soap up and am too lazy to unwrap it. But I do have about 40 items that I’ve made in the last two weeks and I’ve photographed all of them. I usually only put up one item a day, to keep myself in rotation… but I never stop making new things! At this rate, some time early next year I’ll be able to take about two months off, heh.

Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy – check! I have two, and checked in with them both.

Post in the Boot Camp Forum Thread – check!
This is what I wrote: Checking in (late) – I think I was abducted by aliens last week because I didn’t feel particularly overwhelmed with work yet here I am just now doing weeks five and six at the same time. It was said to check out someone’s progress; I checked out Orange Blossom Boutique because they commented about being torn between props and plain white background for photos, which is something I’ve been struggling with myself. I liked the balance they had and the photos look great!

Assignments Week Six

Revisit your prices – check! This is something I’ve slowly been doing anyway; friends have told me that for the work I do on my ceramics that my prices are too low. And originally I thought I’d just make all the soap the same price, but then I had a pang of guilt when someone bought some smaller and some larger bars, so I’ve been reworking the prices on the smaller bars to be a little more fair to the consumer (without making me bankrupt).

Check out a reading list check! Hmmmm, I am intrigued by the Treasury Challenge…

Connect with your buddy – check!

…aaaaaaaaaand, there we go! All caught up! That wasn’t so bad, I don’t know why I was full of procrastination for this. Or let myself keep getting busy with other things (like making a whole new batch of teensy guest soaps! Aaaaaa, the cute! THE CUTE!).

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