Irate for Ira

Irate for Ira

Yarn: Politically Incorrect Yarns and Fibers For the Love Of Ravelry ( the light green/silver)and Perhaps Today is a Good Day to Dye (the dark green).

Pattern: basic sock

Notes: A while ago, a good friend of a good friend of mine (someone about whom I had heard stories for over ten years, but have still never met) was facing getting a spot in his lung x-rayed. My friend made him socks, like ya do.

Life went on.

Until recently, when his socks were STOLEN FROM WHERE THEY WERE DRYING IN HIS BACK YARD.

I am furious on his behalf. And so I knitted him a pair of socks. Like ya do.


  1. Furious, totally…but I have to say…kind of awesome really LOL. I mean, Smart theif, right?? Knows a good value when they see it! And to think your socks are worthy of theivery! It’s kinda cool.
    They could have just asked you for a pair, though. I bet you would have supplied.

  2. As you do indeed. It makes me wonder what sort of story the thief concocted to go with the socks. You know people are going to ask him where he got such awesome socks, and he can’t just say, “Well, I was walking by a clothesline, and…”

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