This Week in HaldeCraft

I got one big major thing done this week, and that was getting a Flock of Marys up for sale. I had her in so many different variations, and I was contemplating just uploading one per day, every other day, but I realized I had about eight of them and since I wanted to be able to reference the others in each description then I’d better just buckle down and do them all at once. So I did – and one of them, the Sugar Skull Mary, sold almost immediately. Whoot!

This week in HaldeCraft

1. How would you like this glazed? (Etsy Page)
2. Wasabi Frond Soap (Etsy Page)
3. How would you like her painted? (Etsy Page for Custom choose-your-own solid color glaze); (Etsy Page for Custom choose-your-own-hair/skin-color); (Etsy Page for Custom Not-Your-Average-Virgin-Mother)
4. A Flock of Marys (Etsy Page for Brunette; Etsy Page for Blonde; Etsy Page for African American; Etsy Page for Solid White; Etsy Page for Solid Gray)
5. Victorian Figurine (Etsy Page)
6. More brown owls (Etsy Page) <– relisting for a previously sold-out item
7. F&M Alien Head soap (Etsy Page)
8. More gray owls (Etsy Page) <– relisting for a previously sold-out item


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