Etsy Holiday Boot Camp, Week Four

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And with this, I’m practically caught up – the emails with assignments come out on Thursdays. It’s only Saturday! Whoot!

Three assignments this week. Read an article; do a key word exercise; tell a story in your profile.

I read the article, so that’s one “check”.

I feel that I already tell a story in my profile (you can check it out and see if you agree)… so that just leaves the key word exercise. In it we are supposed to describe our buyer, describe our style, and describe our values as an artist and business owner.

Keyword Exercise

buyer attributes: funky, unique, good sense of humor, giving, caring, aware, collector, gift-giver extrodinaire, plans ahead, independent, lives simply

style keywords: fresh, different, vintage-style, cozy, homey, fun, new, useful, helpful, smells great

key brand values: thoughtful, individual, well-made, consistant, funky, different, unique, helpful, crafty, good quality

You guys all know me. Did I leave any key words out? Please don’t say “covered in cat hair”. ;p

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