You may not know, but I have a thing for clocks (one day I will own an elaborate and annoyingly loud cuckoo clock… one day….). So I found this article on Frank and Joseph Bily, clock carvers, absolutely fascinating.

I also have a thing for books, but sadly didn’t like this library information desk made out of books as much as you might think I would. I think I didn’t like it because (and this may be the point of the desk) you can’t see what any of the books *are*.

Also fascinating? A moonshine maker describes his set-up. Slightly related: how to make cider.

I… I have no words. No; wait. I do. a;ldfkja;dfjla;dfljadslfj!!!11!1!

From the article:

TROPHY CLUB, Texas – Administrators at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club suspended a 16-year-old boy on Tuesday because his eyes were bloodshot and they thought he might have been smoking marijuana.

The teen said he was not high. Instead his eyes were red because he had been grieving the loss of his murdered father.

Have I mentioned that my birthday is tomorrow? And this “Traditional Greeting” hoodie is fucking awesome? Just putting that out there.

This one’s for Quinn (and I swear it’s not Hello Kitty related): Tiny apartment shows the value of a good fit. How cute is that?!

You need to set aside six minutes and watch this; Lloyd Kahn was known as the “geodesic dome guru” but renounced that in favor of sustainability and DIY, primarily with found objects. His house and his life are amazing and beautiful.

Speaking of rocking older guys, Sir Terry Pratchett makes his own sword out of meteorites. Somewhat related: Joe Haldeman discusses unplugging in order to create.

Now-ex-trooper was texting while driving 125 mph. He crashed, and killed two teenage girls. Now he’s suing for workman’s compensation. Someone needs a visit from Mr. Cluestick.

After all that fuckery, I’ll leave you on a happy note (BYO Hankie): boy decides to sell all his toys to buy a headstone for his dad’s grave-site. The good people of the Interwebs step in.

objects with faces-He has   BACON!!!!!!
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