Etsy Holiday Boot Camp, Week Two

Hello, week two! Catching up (slowly) as the email for this comes out on Thursdays. But I must have, as the kids say, “the dumb”, because I can’t find the email that lists the assignments for week two. However, from reading everyone’s comments on Etsy and a few blogs, I gather it’s three things: brainstorm new product ideas, find most popular items, and find a boot camp buddy.

I’m a pretty new shop so I’m still working on getting my original ideas up – let alone putting together new ideas! But I have been thinking about new things for the holiday season. Guest soaps for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas (for thank-you or hostess gifts), is one idea. So… check!

I set up Analytics when I first opened, so I’ve been pouring over that; someone also recommended CraftCult so I’ve been looking at that too. Plus my sales are a pretty good indicator of what’s popular and not. So… check!

But find a buddy…? This is where not finding the original email is hurting me. I’m not exactly sure what the buddies are supposed to do. Some buddies seem to be doing cross-promotions, and that’s good. Some are putting up joint Facebook pages and giving out prizes and things. Some people still asking for buddies are stating they want motivation (my motivation is wanting to be able to afford groceries; I think that’s a pretty powerful motivator so I’m good there), asking for help with photography (I think my pictures are OK… some could be more fun, but I just need to get better at writing down fun ideas when I think of them which is not usually when I am near said product and camera), asking for help with banners (Mariana, have I mentioned lately how much I love you?)… none of those things are things I think I really need help with. Is that bitchy? I don’t mean it to be… I do like the cross-promotion idea… I just… I don’t know. I don’t know what I have to offer someone as a buddy. I peek at some shops of people looking for buddies, to see if they seem like someone I would want to buddy with, and … I’m so picky! I mean, I look at some of the shops and want to tell them that MAYBE IF THEY DIDN’T WRITE STUFF IN ALL CAPS SO THEY LOOK LIKE THEY’RE SHOUTING or maybe if they brought a basic idea of grammar and punctuation to the table…. oh, wow, I really do sound bitchy. Sooooo… I do have something to offer people, but I’m going to sound like a cuntbag offering it. FIX YOUR SPELLING, BITCHES! That will win me a TON of friends. Hai! I am a grammar nazi, and I am in ur Etsy shop refusin’ to be ur buddy because YOU DIDN’T NEED THAT APOSTROPHE.


Dear Practical Magic: I would like a boot camp buddy who is literate, snarky, a hoot, sells something compatible with soap and ceramics so that we could cross-promote (tea, maybe? or edibles?), someone who has a great sense of humor and is motivated by needing to eat and pay the electric bill. See what you could do for me, wouldja? Thanks.


    • Ahhh! You’re killing me with those extra apostrophes! No boot camp buddy for you! ;p

      But aside, seriously? I mean, both you and I write on our blogs like we talk. Even with me sometimes that means deliberate misspellings and RAMPANT USE OF CAPITALS FOR SHOUTING. But I would never, ever do that when I was trying to promote a professional “this is my shop, please buy my things” vibe. I’d be snarky, sure. I’m ME. But I wouldn’t shout. 🙂

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