ZOMFG, this is absolutely brilliant. Zombies and the greatest running-a-red-light-ticket ever.

From the awesome to the awesomely cute – how to make a teensy tiny BBQ grill out of an Altoid Tin. WANT! OMG teh cute!!! And it WORKS!

Speaking of food, what the fuck should I have for dinner? Bwah! I keep clicking, just because it’s so funny. Also now I am hungry.

Completely changing the subject, here are some absolutely nightmarish photos of fire tornadoes. Yikes.

Not being a parent, I am usually wondering why parents worry about the things they do, and quizzing my friends who are parents on their fears and worries. I found the depth of this article on things parents should and shouldn’t worry about a little lacking, but.. then again… I’m not a parent.

Here’s one for Sharon, who’s probably already seen this, but check out this cool Star Wars tattoo! Vaguely related: Press this button in dire situations only.

Awwww, the geek cuteness, it  burns! Missed Connections from DragonCon.

This is haunting – Ghosts in the Hollow. Probably only interesting to you if you’re into abandoned buildings, coal mines and miners, traditional music, and Appalachia. Which, you know, I am.

Coming in January 2011: Roger Ebert presents “At the Movies“!

Here’s one for Matt – 90 year old man tells a story of something that happened to him in WWII.

Objects With Faces - Clown House
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  1. 90-year old man – THAT is what history is all about, not dates and faceless names in a dusty book, but the PEOPLE who made history happen! Thanks!

    BTW, working on the sequel to SHAHB’NDIR. Wish me luck!

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