I know so many people who would appreciate these science cookie cutters!

I also know a lot of people who would appreciate the many faces of Johnny Depp. Hard to say which one is my favorite!

From Regretsy – Beached Fail. Hee. Related: Goodbye Kitty (this one made me spit out my drink).

I’m kind of intrigued, and yeah, maybe kind of jealous of the most isolated man on the planet.

Showing how behind I am in my linkdumps, RIP Jack Horkheimer. Keep looking at the stars!

From “My Parents Were Awesome” lately I have liked Barbara (not my stepmother Barbara, a different Barbara), and Maira.

Speaking of photography, what an amazing slice of culture – New York Subways in the 1980’s.

Long-time readers will be happy to know I’m still keeping abreast of the situation (or should I say aFOOT?): Ninth foot washes up on the beaches of Vancouver.

I liked this list of books that people wanting to get to know science fiction should read; I have read a good portion of them (have you?). But there are also a couple I’ve never even heard of, and will now be looking for.

I will preface this one by saying that HE WALKED AWAY FROM THE ACCIDENT. Motorcyclist with a camera gets hit head-on by a truck. I say again; he lived.

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