Two Little Birds

So, my grandmother (G-ma, to long-time readers) was the kind of woman who could do just about anything crafty that was out there. One of the things she did very well was paint. I still have a few of her paintings (landscapes), about 150 tiles onto which she painted everything from birds to scenes of daily life in Alaska, and a few dozen ashtrays onto which she painted scenes so that they could be used as wall hangings. I can’t paint like that for shit, but I do have lots of little ceramic pieces that I love to put together. This is the first in a series; eventually some will be for sale on my Etsy shop but for right now they are just going to be gifts.

Two little birds

Two little birds - detail Two little birds - sideways Two little birds - detail

Even though this didn’t come out 100% like what I saw in my head, I am totally over the moon with both it specifically and the idea in general.


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