Life cycle of a piece: Pill boxes with flowers

This is part three; here is part one, and part two.

At this point the boxes have been fired and are ready to paint.

Ready to paint

Sometimes I dive right into painting, but sometimes I have to look at a piece for a while and imagine it as different colors until the right combination clicks in my brain. The actual painting doesn’t take very long for a small piece like this; I probably thought about it longer than it took to paint everything.

Painted; ready to glaze

After painting it is time for glazing – I am very impatient and it’s hard enough for me to wait for the paint to dry, let alone all three layers of glaze. Sometime in the last couple of years the company that makes the clear glaze I use switched from a light blue to green; but no worries! It’ll still come out clear after firing!

Glazed; ready to fire

Next up is putting each individual piece on stilts in my kiln, and firing.


  1. Anne

    This series has been fascinating, btw. I hadn’t any idea just how much really goes into the ceramics you do, and I am even more amazed at your prices. I bet your “hourly rate” might not be as lovely as the work you do! πŸ˜‰

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