Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn - front

Anne Boleyn - neck detail Anne Boleyn - sleeve detail Anne Boleyn - back

Yarn: White is Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted; multi is my handspun, fiber from the BlackBunny Fibers Fiber Club.

Pattern: Made it up as I went along. If you’re on Ravelry and curious, you can read my notes.

Notes: August and September! Great time to finish up a hot and heavy wool/alpaca sweater! Remind me to do this again next year!


    • Here’s the thing about living in Florida; ten months out of the year, it’s not cold. We have bathing suits. We have tank tops. We have sandals. What we don’t have is good sturdy winter clothing – I own about six jackets, but I don’t own (and nobody I know owns) a winter coat like we see people bundled up in on the Weather Channel when they’re doing blizzard stories. And for two months out of the year, it can get cool, if not downright cold – remember last winter? I know *everyone* had unreasonably cold weather so I’m not trying to say we had it worse than anyone else, but it didn’t get above 32 for almost a week here, and that *never* happens! None of us had the right clothes for it and we were all cold, all the time. My house? Doesn’t have a heater. It was 45 degrees… inside my house. So if I have a few warm things like this, even if I don’t have a sturdy hardy winter coat, I can dress in layers and stay warm for the couple of months that I need to. Because trust me… when you spend ten months of the year in a sweat, those two cold months are REALLY a surprise!

      PS. I called it Anne Boleyn because that was the name of the colorway of the fiber from the fiber club that I spun and used for the shoulders and neckline. 🙂

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