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Tree of Life Next up in talking about my friend’s Etsy shops, is someone who has been an online friend for a number of years, Phoenix Fire Designs. It’s almost embarrassing that even though we only live a couple hours away from each other, and send birthday and holiday gifts back and forth, that we’ve never met in person! Pictured on the left, there, is a necklace that she made for me a couple of years ago. If you like that – and I know you do – she has other Tree of Life pendants available here.

She has a number of categories on her site, but in addition to the Tree of Life pendants I wanted to show off her Bird Nest jewelry. That’s just so inventive!

Birthday 2007 And while her main love is jewelry, long time readers probably remember the hutch pictured off to the right. Yes, she made that! Everyone needs to gang up on her and get her to make more. She doesn’t have them offered on her Etsy site, but does have photos on her domain, here, of all the ones that she has made and sold. Show of hands, who thinks she should make more?! Hard to type with all those hands up in the air, eh?! If you go to that hutch link, check out her sidebar. She has a lot more there than she does on Etsy, including horns and tiny penguins.

Go! See her stuff! Tell her I sent you!

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