Life cycle of a piece: Pill boxes with flowers

Part one – pouring the molds

I want to make a set of pill boxes with flowers on them, similar to this set. But no two pieces are ever really the same when it’s done by hand. Here’s how I made the set that I’ll show you at the end of this series of posts.

Choosing molds

Step one is to choose the molds you want to pour. As you can see there are many more flowers in this mold than I could use for this project; this is OK, as I don’t have a specific flower combination in mind but will choose from what comes out of the mold OK. If the mold hasn’t been used in a while I will take a soft brush – the molds are plaster and scratch very easily – and brush out the dust.

Ready to pour

Next I rubber band the molds together; otherwise the slip would just run out the sides! For this project I’m not too worried that the rubber bands cover up some of the pour-holes. I’m already going to have more flowers than I need.


Pouring the slip, even slowly, can be a messy process. Now we let it sit for a while, drain out excess slip, and then let it dry for a number of hours until the mold is ready to pop open.

Molds poured

Here you can see that I’ve opened the molds, and now am ready to choose my flowers.

Put together

I use a little more slip to attach the flowers and leaves to the lids of the boxes. Then it’s just… wait a couple of days for it to dry, and we go on to the next step!

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