drawstring Opossum
drawstring Opossum

Third in my series on friend’s Etsy shops (Etsy Tuesday!) in my friend Ouida’s – Ouidamac. I’ve known Ouida for about five or six years now, ever since she started coming to Stitch-n-Bitch back when we were at Books, Inc. Back in the day, yo! Ouida is generous with her time and spirit, and if that wasn’t lovely enough she’s also a hot redhead who rides a motorbike. I will pause while you all catch your breath.

Now, if you are a crocheter and you are looking for some hella-cute patterns, you need to go check out Ouida’s shop. Specifically you need to look at my favorite thing ever, her Opossum Drawstring Bag. Holy hell, I can not stop squeeing whenever I see this! I mean, her recycled splash stick flower is cute, and her Clownfish drawstring bag is both adorable and well-written (Ginger made one and really enjoyed putting it together) but I really loves me that Possum.

And she’s not just a crochet designer, she also does knitting patterns. Check out this Heraldic Charted Lion drawstring bag – it’s beautiful! She worked on that for quite a while and it was really fun to see her progress on it.

So if you’re looking for some fun new patterns, go check her out! Tell her I sent you!

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