Linkdump dedications

Here’s a photo for Sharon. Yay, freaks!

Here’s a book for Alana. Yay, hoarders!

Here’s one for Quinn. Yay, Hello Kitty!

Here’s one for all my geek-loving friends. Yay, peaceful and humorous protests!

Here’s one for Erin. Yay, making thread!

Here’s one for Mariana and Arne. Yay, being trapped on a boat with JoCo!

Here’s one for me; and another. Yay, for trying to remember to look for these tasty morsels!

Here’s one for Jane. Yay, more Star Wars burlesque!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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  1. I’ve read that book on Stuff — it was a fascinating read. Very compassionate regarding hoarders (so many times they’re a side show presentation) and intriguing ideas on how we as humans relate to our stuff. I recommend it.

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