Second in my series on pimping my friend’s Etsy shops is Funkaknits.

Funny story first – usually I am horrible with names. But one day at the yarn store this girl (and by “girl” I mean “woman of indeterminate age who looks younger than me but old enough to by alcohol”) came in, and she has the same last name as a really good friend of mine. Of course I asked her if she was related, and the answer was no; but ever since that first meeting I’ve been able to remember her name. And then as I got to know her casually through the shop, I thought she might really get along with the moms who were coming in on Friday mornings. And when I told her about the gathering and highly suggested that she come, as I’m big on putting people together whom I think might really get along, it turned out she was already very good friends with one of my friends who was coming to Mommy’s Morning. SMALL WORLD.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with her shop. Hrm… actually, it kind of does! Because what Helen makes are very cute knitted items for kids. While her most popular items are soakers for cloth diapers, I personally am in love with this little pumpkin hat. Not in love enough to have a kid in order to slap it on a head, but in love enough to point some of my young mom friends (and :ahem: my friends about to be moms) towards it!

So if you need some hella-cute handknitted kids stuff, go check her out!  Tell her I sent you!


  1. I know exactly how you feel about her pumpkin hats! Almost makes me want a new wee one to wear one. Instead, I am thinking about getting them as gifts and have shared her store. SOOO cute! Thanks for sharing her story

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