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This has been making the rounds, so I know I’m not the first of my friends to post it: Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.(Oh yeah; NSFW)

I used to have one of these moving, light-up Bartenders as a kid. Which is a lot more creepy in retrospect (also in watching that video). I saw one of these in an antique store a few years ago and am still kicking myself for not buying it, though.

Only funny if you used to play Oregon Trail as a kid. OK, it’s still pretty funny; but funnier if you’ve played the game! The Oregon Trail – Official Trailer.

Who knew that Kevin Spacey is such a fabulous impersonator?!

Here’s one for Sharon: two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon.

The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies made me realize that even some of my very, very favorite movies couldn’t pass this test. I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

On a funnier note, the 100 Greatest Movie Insults of all time (this one’s about ten minutes long, so grab a drink). Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

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