Five TV shows that I’m enjoying the heck out of right now

In no particular order…

Being Human – I love this show with big girly fangirl hearty hearts. It’s well-written, the actors are perfect and even the bit players chew through every scene. It’s a drama, but at times makes us laugh so hard (“we’re like, gay ninjas!”) that we have to rewind.

James May’s Toy Stories – I can’t thank Laura enough for recommending this show; it’s absolutely fabulous. If you’ve never heard of it (and I’m betting you haven’t), it’s about taking ingenuity, spunkiness, brains, and toys, and building something that you would have never thought possible. It’s the happiest, drama-free show I think I’ve ever seen. It’s also very, very British; so if you don’t understand the culture or are one of those weird people who needs subtitles for accents, you’re not going to get as much out of it.

Covert Affairs – I’m liking this a lot more than I thought I would. The thing I like most is that one of the main characters is blind, and he is believably blind. Which I never thought I’d say for that particular actor because I’d only seen him in one other thing and it was hooooooooorible.

Rescue Me – The hardest show I love to watch. The writing is dark as hell, but also funny; my emotions are all over the map when I watch an episode. They do not pull any punches on this show.

True Blood – This show just keeps getting better and better, especially when they devote less time to Sookie and Bill whining around each other and pay more attention to Lafayette, Tara, and Sam. This is one show where I admit that I like pretty much every side character other than the two main ones, but my non-interest in the Sookie/Bill storyline doesn’t detract from me watching the show at all. It just keeps getting better and better!

And Futurama makes six!

In other news…

Warehouse 13 is finally growing on me, and I find Eureka much less annoying than I did last season. Haven is … well, I wish it were spookier, but what can you do?!

I’m very much looking forward to Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds (or I was, until I heard they cut two of the three women), CSI: NY, Fringe, Ace of Cakes, Mythbusters, and Dirty Jobs. And  hopefully there won’t be some year-long hiatus with Dr. Who that will once again cause me to forget everything that’s been happening.

Anyone seen or read about anything really good coming up this fall that’s new?


  1. I’m a season behind on Rescue Me but I got Netflix on the Wii and we’ve been catching up via instant streaming. (Gotta say, it’s a brilliant service.) I really like that show so it’s good to get back into it. Can’t believe Tommy just started drinking again after a year (!!!) sober. Dumbass!

    Behind on Being Human but it’s on the DVR. Good show.

    Didn’t watch much of Toy Stories but do LOVE me some Top Gear. It’s just so irreverent I can’t help but laugh. The “lost” episode season that’s on now though isn’t as fun since it’s old and outdated.

    I love Friday’s Eureka. Just watched it on the DVR. Or well, I should say the preview for next week. D’oh!! I totally forgot that once-dead characters aren’t necessarily any longer!

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