Scotts Mountain Crafts

SkeinwinderA few weeks ago I put a call out on Twitter for my friends with Etsy shops to send me their links; how funny that the first friend to answer was also my very first Etsy purchase – Christianne, from Scotts Mountain Crafts. I mean, I didn’t purchase her, but I did purchase some lovely boozy stitch markers from her. Some of you have seen her work on person; we carried her stitch markers at the yarn shop for quite a while.

In addition to stitch markers, Chris also carries orifice hooks for the spinner, and beautiful scarf pins; but what I really want to bring attention to are her Skeinwinder/swifts. This one, made of solid oak, will wind skeins up to 76 inches! I know a lot of you spinners, knitters, and dyers out there are looking for something like this. It’s adjustable, hand-crafted, and portable – what more could you ask for?! I’m sad that I had bought one a few years before she starting making these.

Did I mention she’s got a few things on sale right now? Go check her out – Scotts Mountain Crafts! Tell her I sent you!

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