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  1. Seriously? Two people liked “Ghost Rider”?! The comic, maybe, but really? The movie? That’s better than “Easy Rider”!? Sigh.

    Under “other”, I’ve been reminded that I forgot to put in grapes as an option!

    And Linda, who is having trouble with the Captcha, says “I don’t know if Easy Rider is the best one, but it certainly was a landmark film. I remember Peter Fonda explaining in an interview how they did the restaurant scene, saying they walked into the place in character, then explained to the town folk that they were making a film, and asked them to repeat whatever they had said. Many interesting things about the film, not the least of which was Jack Nicklaus getting his big start…even if it didn’t end well for him in the film. Lots of discussion, controversy, and new thinking was inspired by this film!”

    Is anyone else having Captcha troubles? Hrm, I guess you couldn’t tell me if you were. Although that would explain why nobody has commented in almost a week…

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