Here’s one for Sharon – two-headed kitty, born in West Virginia!

Famous Hollywood movie sets… in miniature!

So awesome – pin-up girl calendar… in x-ray!

I live in an odd town; a good portion of the locals move away as soon as they graduate, as do a good portion of people who come here only for college. Where do they go? This interactive map will show you (or show you where people are moving to your city from, or where they’re leaving to).

Thanks to Alanis Morissette (and I may be spelling her name wrong, but whatevs), I get crap every time I use the phrase “that’s ironic”; something I said for years before That Song. Here’s a funny look at the three most common uses of irony.

Speaking of irony; armless woman named best embroiderer in her village.

I expect, once I start selling ceramics, to get questions like this.

Some stories you just can’t make up: A culinary argument between a brother and sister about whether to use butter or margarine turned violent, resulting in an attack with a knife-edged barbecue spatula.

Bwahaha! Why I shouldn’t carry an air horn. Awesome.

This has been around already, but… who needs rock-paper-scissors when you could be playing monkey-pirate-robot-ninja-zombie?!

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  1. Thanks for the link–I passed it on to my vet friend. I don’t think it applies to this kitty because it only has two faces instead of two brains, but I was talking to MF only this week about whether or not a two-headed dog might not really be two dogs with one body, since it would have two different brains. I also wondered if they’d fight or at least try to edge each other out at the food bowl.

    1. I almost commented on your FB that “maybe it would get eaten by a coyote” but didn’t know if the joke would go over that well. ;-p

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