Mostly I don’t read “mommy blogs” because, you know, that’s how you come down with children (kids! they’re like the flu! casual contact can cause them!) but almost always, this blog makes me laugh… or sniffle.

This one’s for Craig – Lego ship in a glass bottle.

Here’s one for the pajama-wearing yarn lovers out there. You know who you are!

Something that I’ve actually always kind of been curious about; where do locals, as opposed to tourists, take photos?

OMGawesome – 100 artists decorate Vader’s head.

Women scientists on the debate over women in science. (long read; worth it)

I just don’t even know what to say about this – Angry clowns decry armed robbery by impostors dressed as clowns.

Here’s one for Sharon – we should have done this at the bookstore (except that – thank the FSM – neither of us worked in Text). Hee hee hee. Related: Holy crap, I used to get questions like this all the time. Somewhat related: This is why I hate people who say they have food allergies when they don’t. And this one’s for Bonnie – this made me think of you, and some of the things you’ve said people have asked you, without thinking first. Lastly: I have seen my future.

Do you see faces in inanimate objects? So do I, which is why I’m glad I found Happy Chair is Happy. Old Man Typewriter is Not Obsolete!

Are you drinking? Either swallow or prepare to spray your keyboard.

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  1. I’m with you on the allergy thing–it would be really nice, though, if when I tell people that mayo makes me gag so please be careful what they put on my sandwich, they would stop replying with “Oh, you’re allergic.” And I’m usually too intimidated to correct them.

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