I accidentally lied to someone today

Hey, long-time readers – remember when I used to be #1 on Google for the search term “how many calories in poop”? And every time I would look through my key-word search terms in my stats, I would make fun of it? Which would just get another round of totally serious people telling me I was crazy to make fun of them because they were all watching their weight and only by totalling up the calories in their poop could they adequately track their caloric intake and output? Well, I was joking with someone today that that’s what my blog is known for. AND GUESS WHAT. I am no longer #1. I’m not even on the list.

I don’t know whether to be relieved, or insulted. Of course, I have totally changed hosts and software since then, and everything pre-2009 has been lost… so… I guess I’ll suffer through the pain.

I am, however, #1 in the search term “do zombies poop”. CAN I GET A HELLS YEAH?! Oh yeah, baby.

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