Whoa – MetaFilter is good for something – MetaFilter Saved My Pals From Sex Traffickers.

Hee hee hee – Before I met you, my heart was a crap taco.

This would be funnier except I know someone who would actually do that. :shudder: Furries are creepier than clowns. Related: People are weird. Also, demanding. Also, dumb.

And soon they will jump into the sky, fly away, and thank us for all the fish.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) had a rather sad leaving of Hawaii after LOST. I has a sad for him.

What really happens on Dubai motorways; apparently staged, but… still. Wow.

I’m tempted to try to get more comments on my blog by trying this. Hee hee hee.

Need more humor? What your email address says about your computer skills.

Paulina’s parents were awesome (I would totally make Tim do that… well, I’d try, anyway. It would probably end up just being a photo of me.).

Spider-web made from packing tape. I feel like it really is, when trying to get that crap off my fingers.

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  1. Jorge Garcia is so beautiful; and look ; he bakes bread. thanks for showing me that ; i know what it ‘s like to have a dog follow ya across the road at just the wrong moment.

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