Fascinating. For the last few years, the same dog has shown up at many Greek protests.

This is something I’ve often wondered. Which viewers are, or should, TV networks listen to?

Especially funny at the end if you know the lyrics. When the moon

Lovely Listing: so, does the old man come with the house…?

Regretsy: Just don’t wear it around a goat. Hee hee hee. Related: Oh, spell-check, you fickle beast.

Ahahahaha! Screamingly funny crash reports.

Now, here’s a shirt I need. Hee hee hee.

I don’t know if I liked this article or not… probably because I really *do* have food allergies (and if one more person asks me if maybe I just ate healthy free-range chickens because maybe I wouldn’t be allergic to them, I’m going to punch a baby in the face. Or ask if they have the technology to rework the DNA of the chicken so that it’s actually a cow.). It’s not an intolerance; it’s an allergy. My throat swells shut. It’s not just not liking it –  if I don’t like it, I’ll just tell you. Gah! Now I’m all worked up.

This makes me a little sad: Last typist booted out of Writer’s Room. I’m sure they allow noisy assholes on cell-phones, though.

Interesting. A food magazine editor and two professional chefs make a weeks worth of healthy meals to feed a family of four, on the average food stamp budget.

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  1. Hmmmm, perhaps there is a pack of nondescript brownish dogs in Greece just going from protest to protest. Kind of like the G8/G20 protesters in Toronto. I kid!

    I love the eating well on a food stamp budget

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