From the Department of Lightning May Strike Me for Laughing so Hard: 20-year-old driver fails to yield to Christ in crosswalk

Breakfast too much trouble in the morning? Combine to make bacon pancakes!

Confused about what action movie to see this summer? This flow-chart can help! Related: and this one can help you choose a typeface.

This sounds like something I would do. 13 years after leaving a job, man sends in resignation letter. Hmm… I do still have bookstore dreams a lot…

I have a secret (or maybe not so secret) fascination with tiny things (dollhouses, train sets, tilt-shift photography, munchkins) so this tiny Bag-End makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

Lost Horizon Night Market – OK, Gainesvillians, it’s time to put our heads together and do something like this!

Wow; just… wow. Sir Ian McKellen mistaken for homeless man, given a dollar.

Now this is a team jersey I could wear – Literary sports team shirts. Hard to say which is my favorite, though. Prynne? Quixote?

I know I said last time I’d nix the LOST talk, but really… Dharma Initiative labels? These would be so fun for a LOST themed party!

OMG, this is like… the best ad, ever. It actually makes me want to buy a mobile home from these people.

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  1. Classic, classic commercial. This is how you do it on no budget!

    And I suppose we all can guess which jersey I’ll be getting…

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