So much catching up to do! All of these are from May (I think I’ll spare you and not link to the ones having to do with the LOST series finale; now that we’ve laid back and thought of England, that’s over with and there’s no sense beating a dead … surgeon).

The customer is not always right. But sometimes they’re grammatically funny.

Hee hee hee – the worst place to wander while arguing on a hands-free headset.

I would have stuck with the Girl Scouts if I’d known they had badges like this.

This Onion article had me laughing out loud – Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In Obscenity-Filled Ruling

Oh, the irony. Century-old baby “mummy” finally buried; then stolen.

Here’s one for Sharon – did you know some people want to make Jonestown a tourist destination?!

Love this – Fun with Secret Questions & Answers.

Fascinating. Review of different flavored Kit-Kats. Ginger Ale? Really?

Here’s one for Tim – can we run away and live here?!

Apollo 11 revisited in slow-motion. Lovely!

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  1. The house in Costa Rica had me right up until the description of the monthly invasion of army ants. Yikes!

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