Belated post on a belated birthday party

If you’ve been reading the blog for the last week or so, you know that my mom’s birthday is one day after Uncle Joe’s birthday. We had a small party on Saturday to celebrate them both. I love seeing my mom hang out with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe. Family! Awesome!

birthday party for mom and Uncle Joe

1. Group shot, 2. Rally ’round the food!, 3. Group shot, 4. Group shot, 5. And no-one is surprised, 6. Blowing out the candles, 7. Blowing out the candles, 8. Light that candle, Timmah!, 9. Boys and food, 10. Food, 11. Grill those steaks!, 12. Group shot, 13. Mmm, clean plate, 14. Group shot, 15. Group shot

Tim did some totally kick-ass steaks on the grill, and also some unbelievably tasty corn-on-the-cob. Everyone brought other things, too, and there was more food and drink than you could shake a stick at. Puppies were entertaining. Beer was consumed. Laughing was done. GOOD TIMES, Y’ALL.

(PS. Linda, we’re sorry we forgot to call you! We mentioned it while Tim was eating, and as soon as he was done eating he was going to call, and then we all got distracted by something shiny – but you were mentioned, and there in spirit!)


  1. Alice

    It was a really good time. Tim is a fine chef and host. Great steak, corn on the cob. Potatoes covered with lots of melted cheeses. Salad by Barbara? Was the cake by Jenn? Many ice cream choices, including my favorite, choc mint chip. Guiness stout. Yum. Yum. and more Yum. And all the strange and wonderful friends and relatives. Thanks to all who helped make it fun. Linda, sorry you couldn’t have been there too.

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