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      • Barbara

        Well of course that’s what I had in mind. You may thank my brother for planting the seeds of this years ago, when he created the (not entirely fictious) company Dubious Enterprises, with assorted subsidiary companies. Such as It’s The Shirts, a silk-screened t-shirt company, and Dirty Sink Photography (self-explanatory). My personal favourite was The Nice Insurance Company. Sample sales pitch to prospective customer (delivered in a subtly ominous tone):

        “Nice little sports car you’ve got there. To bad if something were to happen to it. How’d you like to buy some nice sportscar insurance?”

        The Nice Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubious Enterprises.

    • You know, I looked into various different Sandpiper Studio domain names, and everything was taken. And doing a key word search on “Sandpiper Studio” brings up about 57 beach rental properties, a recording studio, and a fabric wallpaper company. The Internet is crushing my childhood dream of a ceramic studio called “Sandpiper Studio”… I’m 40 years too late. Sigh.

      On the other hand, HaldeCraft is wide open!

  1. OMFG, would y’all believe that with all the ceramics I’ve made and am making, I only have about three things right now that I could sell?! Everything else I’ve either given away as gifts, or don’t want to part with! PLANNING FAIL. Clearly I need to get cracking on pouring some molds – WITHOUT gifts for friends in mind.

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