Poll of the Week

Or, weekISH. You know. Whenever.


  1. Becca

    I cast my vote for Seinfeld. The end was brilliant. And thanks to age and lack of premium (or basic) cable, I haven’t seen any episodes of any of the shows except MASH.

    • nakhira

      Yesh, I can only confidently comment on MASH, St. Elsewhere (carbon dating in effect!), and *maybe* Quantum Leap, but that was definitely in syndication.
      I never seem to watch a series until it’s bitter end.

  2. Lost? Eh…I’m torn. It was ok but I’m mad at how many things were left unanswered.

    The Sopranos? No, thought it was pointless.

    Quantum Leap? Grr! That one pissed me off. “Sam Beckett never went home.” WTF?

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