xkcd reminds us that it’s all in how you look at it.

Very creative and lovely – Pencil vs. Camera

Keep calm and make your own.

I really want to start using this at the yarn store, to wrap packages – Spinal Tape.

The hell with wanting one as a kid (which I totally did) – but I want one now, too! Armoire opens into playroom. Very Narnia!

Sheep, Standard Poodle… whatever. They both start with “S”. Related: Here’s one for Quinn and Sharon. Tee hee hee. Be sure to click to see who wore it better!

Mmmmm, tasty! Cakes which my crafty friends will appreciate.

They make me laugh, they make me cry, and many of them I may even have on my shelves. The worst Science Fiction/Fantasy book covers.

Jonathan Carroll on seeing unmoving traffic.

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  1. That poodle/sheep picture made me laugh so hard the dogs had to come in and see what was happening. I showed them, and they laughed, too.

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