If you live near us, that is.

New kitten mosiac

Names are still under discussion…we’ve got it narrowed down to three choices, but… man!

Why is it so hard to choose?! All of these are great names! Maybe we can name one “Moya Rosie Calamity Jane” and the other one “Serenity Gilda Trixie the Whore”. … yeah… maybe not.

Both of the kittens are pretty relaxed and very friendly, with the darker one being the most easy-going of the two. She likes to take naps on top of people. They are in the process of being weaned now (a couple weeks earlier than expected, but momma cat has to take some medicine and she can’t pass it on to the babies, so Alexis is weaning them this week) so we could be new kitteh parents any week now. Which means deciding on names! Part of me is all “get them names now! don’t wait!” but part of me is “why not wait until they get here and spend a couple days observing them”.

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  1. LOL – under “other” we have “Feather and Fan” which is only my favorite knitting stitch pattern ever! I swear I didn’t add it!

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