I will now be ending everything I say with “Christ, what an asshole“. It *does* work for everything!

From the Department of Truly Effing Stupid: Handyman injured after cutting down branch against which he’d leaned his ladder. Oh yeah, and he’s suing his boss because of it!

Something tells me this doesn’t come from a smoke-free home.” Heh.

As an addendum to the other Octopus things I posted a few months ago: Octopus Steals Video Camera, Films Own Escape.

I loves me a good counter-protest, especially one with humor. Boston Tea Party members counter-protest the Teabaggers (I can’t use that term with a straight face) Tea Party Express.

A simple, but true, flow-chart for being happy.

We don’t have subways here in Gainesville, but having been in cities that do have them, I can definitely appreciate these Subway Etiquette posters!

Totally ganked this from Bonnie a couple weeks ago – this one’s for you, Sharon!

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  1. Much fun was had clicky-clicking through this list, and found “Christ what an asshole” to be particularly funny.

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