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  1. I have a TON of books in my closet. BUT, these days, I can’t afford my reading habit so 99% of my books come from the library. (You mean I can have any of these books to read for FREE?? Score!)

    I almost always feel compelled to finish the book even if it sucks.

    I rarely read books more then once but it’s been known to happen on occasion. 🙂

  2. Anne

    More than one answer? Hells yes! Frequently, all of the above are true, just not all at the same time. There are plenty of books that are “once and done” types and then there are a few that can be read over and over. That’s why I’m trying to use the library first for a book, as I don’t like giving shelf space to something I’m not going to read again.

    And there are times when I don’t pick up a book for a long time, and I only read expiration dates. Those times are the stuff of nightmares.

  3. Under “other” so far we have…

    how will I decorate if all books are electronic? 1
    Many of my books are from the library… but not all. 1
    Multiple genres concurrently: RPGs, sci-fi, comic strip, news magazines 1

    Which gives me an idea for another poll – types of things we like to read!

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