Friday photo: House? What house?

OK, so yesterday? All day? I knew it was Friday? But I didn’t really like any of the photos I took last week enough to make them a Friday Photo? And I hadn’t even had a chance to break out the camera on Thursday because I was so busy? And then I went to take a photo for something for work? And realized I had taken ONE photo on Thursday? But I didn’t get a chance to upload it until late last night? And I wasn’t even sure that I liked it enough to make it the Friday Photo? Yeah. Well here it is anyway – still not my favorite, and a day late to boot. Ah well.

House? What house?

I think it may be time to do a prescribed burn in my yard, and start all over again from scratch. This bitch is really out of control.

The rest of my 2010 photos can be viewed here.


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