(Originally posted September 30, 2008)

Welcome to Snarkland, bloggy home to knitting and discussion of my dogs! Some day I will have more topics. Maybe spinning, since I just plied a bunch of singles off of a shitload of bobbins. Aren’t you excited?!

New pup’s name—We’ve decided to go with “Corwin”, sometimes “Cori” for short (just like we sometimes call Bridgett, “Bridgy”, or “Bridge”). Thank you everyone for weighing in! She’s already cocking her head and reacting when we say “Corwin”, so I don’t think it’ll be long before she’s fully acclimated to the change.

Other things…

On her second night, she walked away from her food dish to go inspect a cat. Bridgett was immediately interested in abandoned food (having scarfed hers down—she’s a much faster eater when there might be competition), and started finishing Corwin’s dinner. Corwin ran over and sniffed at Bridgett, and then just sort of sat there, alternately watching her and one of the cats. Absolutely no distress about the situation and she didn’t show any food aggression. Awesome!

While I was walking them yesterday, she grabbed a piece of chicken that some asshole had thrown out by the side of the road. I didn’t see it at first in the tall grass, and thought she was just sniffing until she proudly came up with a big piece of chicken hanging out of her mouth. “Drop it,” I said firmly, and she looked at me like, “huh?”. So without even thinking it through I grabbed at the part sticking out of her mouth and pulled it out. No barking, no growling; but her mouth wasn’t closed… so I reached in all the way and pulled a HUGE chunk of chicken out of the back of her mouth. She never even blinked an eye. Didn’t growl, didn’t bark, and didn’t go after it when I threw it away. My thought process after that was “thank god she didn’t bite me… oh gross, I have now touched disgusting, half-eaten chicken with dog drool and someone’s nasty-ass germs… oh, crap! I’m allergic to chicken! No puppy kisses today!” And then I boiled my hand when we got home.

Speaking of walking, we’ve gone on three walks by now (that’s me, Corwin, and Bridgett; Tim has also taken her on two walks with just the two of them) and it only took her one day to realize that getting out the ear buds for my iPod means “walkies!”. Smart little thing! I have noticed that over the three days she has gotten more pully when we pass squirrels. She even points at them! But as much as I would love to encourage her to chase the little tree rats in our own yard, I want to discourage her to try to chase them during our walks. So there may be a little learning curve about not going after squirrels. Sadly.

One last thing—can I just tell you how *freaking cute* it is when Corwin bounds over to Bridgett in the middle of the walk and jumps up and licks her ears? Almost like “aren’t we having fun? Isn’t this fun? I love going on walks with you!” and Bridgett is all… “meh. Crazy kid, just stay offa my lawn!”. I feel like a grandmother who sits back and chuckles because her hellion daughter has had a hellion of her own. Bridgett, I am here to tell you, that nine years ago you were just. like. Corwin. Which means that I have high hopes for the future!

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