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So, last year when Chili died (and I can’t link to that because it was juuuuust before the Great Hosting Change of 2009), Tim and I started talking about getting new kittens. Backup Kittehs, if you will. But we wanted to wait until Rembrandt died, because she was old and cranky and granted that getting new kittens might push her over the edge… we wanted to wait. Then it just wasn’t really a good time, coupled with Buddha getting up there as well… we decided to wait until she left the party to begin a look for new kittens. We knew we wanted two (so they could play with each other and tire each other out, instead of constantly wearing out our 11-year-old sisters) and we wanted girls (no more boys peeing in the corners!). That was really all we had in mind. And we trusted that when the time was right, the universe would open up the magic kitten access door.

Saturday night we were having dinner with some friends and Rhea said, “hey, you know Meg, right? Her daughter’s cat just had kittens. I think they might be girls…” and… the rest is history. I’d been messaging with Alexis over Facebook and the end result is…

Future new kittens

But, not so fast! They’re only about 10 days old, nowhere near ready to take away from mommy yet. Mommy, who, the same week she got knocked up also broke her jaw – so we were able to bring them two cases of Buddha’s uneaten wet cat food, solving two problems at once. So in about 7 or 8 weeks, these little baby girls will come to live with us, in the HaldeCon Menagerie.

And we’ll need to name them! Right now their names are Maggie and Mimzy (their brother is Monkey, and they all have an “M” on their faces) but I don’t know that we’ll stick with that. Below are some ideas that Tim and I have, coupled with some ideas from my friends on Facebook. Tim and I would love to hear your input (note to non-geeks: some of these are geeky references).

Multiple choices are OK, and there’s a line for “other”, so if you have great ideas, let us hear ’em!


  1. Oh, I really like Maggie and Mimzy — “The Last Mimzy” is such a great movie! I also really like Charlotte and Elizabeth, both for the reference to Pride & Prejudice and two of the three Bronte sisters (but if you mean Brontes you’d better get moving to find Anne).

  2. Barbara

    Kittens have an unfair advantage in bringing The Cute, you know? I’ll bet their meows are almost above the range of human hearing at this point.

    I can’t think of clever sister names right now, so I’ll vote for the literary pair, Charlotte and Elizabeth.

  3. So far under others we have:

    Lucy 1
    Zoe and Zhaan – can you use those 2 together 1
    Mimsy and Boro [grove] 1
    Alice and Gay 1
    Tatiana and Titania 1

    Also plenty of voices on Facebook calling for Clay and Jax (although the kittens are girls so we’d have to go with Gemma and Tara), but Tim doesn’t watch SOA so that’s off the table. Another Deadwood fan chimed in with Trixie and Calamity Jane, an idea I love – and a friend on Twitter calls for Whiskey and Beer, which is awesome. Maybe we should get about 12 kittens for all these great names…?

  4. Once again catching up with “other” (although, Rosie and Gilda are pretty much in the lead!) –

    Mimsy and Boro [grove]
    Zoe and Zhaan – can you use those 2 together
    Alice and Gay
    Tatiana and Titania
    Nellie and Mildred (Millie) after reading the post below!
    grape and the other grape
    T’Pau and T’Pal

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